Clips have been uploaded only in the parallel stereo format for quality purposes; some video codecs
deteriorate the stereo quality of anagyphs. To view other formats, I recommend downloading Stereo Movie Player or
Stereoscopic Player. In these programs you can open the parallel file and view as cross-eyed, anaglyph, etc.

All clips are in AVI format and require the XviD codec for viewing.
(Right click on link to download.)


The Lost Boys:
Rock & Roll

Parallel (Pt One) (1:18 - 44 MB)

Parallel (Pt Two) (2:27 - 106 MB)

Parallel (Pt Three) (4:08 - 147 MB)
(My favorite of the 4 parts.)

Parallel (Pt Four) (4:10 - 152 M)

Parallel (Finale in HD) (3:46 - 167 M)

The Van Kleaver
Brothers (HD)


Parallel (4:12 - 123 MB)





Brass (HD)


Parallel (Pt One) (1:06 - 56.7 MB)

Parallel (Pt Two) (:39 - 35.3 MB)





Michael Bittner - Fort Lauderdale, Florida